A black box: for the operating room

A black box: for the operating room

Dora is the ultimate Big Brother machine in the operating room. She follows patients from the moment they arrive. She films, records the operation; makes a record of the instruments used and, maintains an inventory of the equipment. They also use DORA in Het Oogziekenhuis Rotterdam and in Het LUMC.

Innovative solutions

Due to increasing attention on the part of the government, media and patients themselves, higher standards of practice are continually being called for regarding the registration and maintenance of medical devices and equipment used in hospitals. On the one hand patient safety and quality of care is guaranteed, on the other the efficient use of equipment. For these reasons innovative approaches and solutions are constantly being sought.

Patient safety

In the operating room, it is the doctor who is responsible for monitoring the presence and integrity of equipment. Before an operation starts it is they who must go through the entire checklist: is the patient present, are all the requirements for the procedure available; are they working properly, etc. In practice, it is difficult to check all of these elements on the spot. The Reinier de Graaf Hospital was therefore looking for a way to digitize the control of medical equipment so that the process could become simpler and more efficient, and, in the end contribute to increased patient safety.

Digital eyes

Thanks to a track and trace system the availability of medical equipment present in the Operating Room can be determined. In order to make use of this system, all equipment is tagged with small receivers which do not interfere with the working of the equipment. Each operating room is fitted with a beacon which registers the presence of the equipment in the surgery itself.


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