Delft Experience Tomorrow.

Delft Experience Tomorrow.

D-Exto is the self-sustaining pavilion with a green footprint that shows the developments of sustainable innovations at the TU Delft. Just as in the previous years a team of bachelor and master students is designing and building the pavilion that will be transported to some of the greater Dutch festivals like the Indian Summer Festival.

What is sustainability

People think "sustainability" is expensive, a difficult routine to keep up and above all; boring. Next to this, to most, it is simply a word. What exactly is sustainability? How can it improve my life or improve the life of others? What are the consequences when I become more sustainable? What happens if I don't? For most people, living in a sustainable manner is like dieting, an annoying habit of trying to consume a little bit less of most good things in life, bearing in mind that it is good to do so. What people often do not understand is the fact it is more about thinking in a different way, as opposed to simply 'consuming less'.

D-Exto team

The team exists of TU Delft students and employees who became fond of sustainability throughout the years. They design, produce and build to inform people about sustainability, on festivals. In this pavilion they present the sustainable initiatives started by themselves, their partners and scientists, from around the globe. The goal is to make people more conscious about this and increase their general knowledge about the subject. The TU students show that being sustainable is easy, fun and pragmatic.

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