Parcels by bike

Delft students deliver packages in Delft

Delft students deliver packages in Delft

In order for Pakketpost per Fiets to be competitive a bicycle is needed which can carry, handle, enough parcels and still provide the added benefits of using a bike. Such bicycles are not available on the market and students from the TU Delft put their knowledge and skills to work to introduce such a bike. This pilot project will test their innovations. The first of these is the cargo bike (Vrachtfiets) a bicycle with a large cargo hold at the back. As of the spring of 2014 a cargo trailer will be added, an electronically assisted trailer.


The bicycle courier company, FietsXpress rose to the challenge, and together with Combiwerk took care of the distribution of parcels on behalf of PostNL. Since 2010 parcels have been delivered with a modern version of a freight bicycle or carrier cycle (bakfiets).

Why the bicycle?

The bicycle as a means of transportation for short distance scores well on all fronts. Due to the increasing traffic in the city the car is no longer faster than a bike. Furthermore, a bicycle has no emissions and makes no noise, and, due to its size and flexibility it is also easily manoeuvrable within the city centre. In view of current developments with regards to electronically assisted bicycles, the possibilities are endless. Given that 65% of all trips within the Netherlands are within a 5km radius, and the average volume transported is 1m3 the potential for using a bicycle are ideal. The bicycle, as a form of transportation, coupled with innovations in bicycles as such means that they are an appropriate solution to current transport problems.

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