Flexible, off-grid, sustainable, housing

Flexible, off-grid, sustainable, housing

The MiniVilla is an off-grid, dismountable, modest and affordable concept that fits the theme of the design within the constraints of a scarcity of resources, and beyond the usual paths of the current building culture.

After a period of testing the MiniVilla is moved to Rijswijk

Mini Village - Building together, living together

The MiniVilla can be prefabricated and built in two days by two men and meets all requirements for a comfortable living. The villas can be placed middle in a landscape, like real villas. They can be placed next to existing buildings as well. They can be linked to each other to create more space and larger homes. For example, for a family or students who want to live together.

Off Grid - Flexible housing

The villas are flexible to install, and easy to place in different locations. The MiniVilla can be delivered with a special toilet. The toilet is designed by an industrial designer and makes use of a technique developed in Sweden, also used in disaster areas. Implementation of this toilet leads to being independent from sewerage system and costs reduction, as there is no sewer connection needed. Next to this toilet, a solar power system, including storage / solar water heater with optimum insulation for energy-friendly design, make the MiniVilla more independent from the existing infrastructure. User friendliness, comfort and energy-storage capacity of the MiniVilla will be tested in Harnaschpolder in Delft. The second off-grid MiniVilla design will be tested in Rotterdam Concept House Village with an off-grid toilet. Scaling up will be the next step.

Do it yourself - Involvement

MiniVillas can be supplied as a kit and built by the future residents themselves. It is also possible that we build the MiniVilla and completely ready for use.

The first MiniVilla

The first MiniVilla is built and tested in Harnaschpolder in Delft. After a period of testing the MiniVilla is moved to Rijswijk Buiten.


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