Biotech Campus Delft

Biotech Campus Delft

Biotech Campus Delft

At Biotech Campus Delft, new products, knowledge and applications of industrial biotechnology are developed. To this end scientists and companies need to cooperate, exchange knowledge and services, and have the right infrastructure available. Together, they can develop innovations into new products and services. Biotech Campus Delft offers common labs, workspaces and offices to start-ups in biotechnology. For larger companies there is plenty of space to conduct biotechnological research, development and production. All the necessary permits, infrastructure and services are available.

​Bioprocess Pilot Facility - Pilot Plant

Amongst other companies, at Biotech Campus Delft the Bioprocess Pilot Facility B.V. (BPF) can be found: a scaling up facility (pilot plant) that offers companies and research institutions a chance to largely test their developed technologies. Biomass can be transferred to useful chemicals and biofuels. Also newly developed processes for food and pharmaceutical products can be scaled up. The BPF´s goal mainly is to enable the transition from lab scale to commercial scale.


The BPF is an open facility, which means everyone is free to use it. Due to this the best combinations of technologies can be linked together to find possible scaling up problems and solve them. The BPF has customers from all over the world and is specialized in pre-treatment and hydrolysis of biomass, fermentation and downstream processing.

Universities and companies sometimes develop small pilot plants to research the very first step from scaling up out of the lab. In Delft that is no longer necessary thanks to the BPF. The BPF benefits from the present knowledge structure and corporate environment of Delft.

DSM Delft and TU Delft cooperate to develop Biotech Campus Delft, based on two locations: the DSM Delft site and Sciencepark Technopolis.


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Additional info

Bioprocess Pilot Facility B.V.
Mr. Arno van de Kant
Business development director
phone number: +31 - (0) 642 48 07 54

Biotech Campus Delft – DSM site
Ms. Astrid van Kleef
Communications manager
phone number: +31- (0)6 30 54 01 93


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